She’s a “Muller … “

Ruby Portrait… which is to say, my co-editor Ruby Wilson likes to mull things over. Long and hard. Especially while walking. Which makes for enjoyable editorial meetings.

But lately, due to a bum knee, Ruby’s been pretty gimpy. The pain and instability have made walking difficult, cramping her mulling style considerably. So today she’s having arthroscopic surgery.

Partner, here’s hoping that your knee is soon as good as new. Until then, take a break from all mulling, except to ponder what your hubby might do to spoil you next!

(By the way, I see in the dictionary that a “muller” is more properly “a stone or other heavy weight used for grinding artists’ pigments or other material on a slab.” We’ll let you ponder the possible parallels to the “grind” of the past year after you come out of the anesthesia….)


Gotta Love This Bird!

We want to give a huge shout-out to the photographer David Moyhnahan for “Great Egret Bow,” the amazing cover image on Poetry of Presence. Be sure to browse more of his nature photography at his website. His shots will have you oohing and ahing.

Kudos as well to Ginny Connors and her design team at Grayson Books for their work on the cover. It expresses so well the spirit of the book! We can’t wait to see the inside!

small-cover for web

In Memoriam: Chana Bloch (1940-2017)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe were saddened to learn about the recent passing of Chana Bloch, the wonderful poet and gifted translator. (Read her New York Times obituary here.) Chana’s poem “The Joins” is anthologized in Poetry of Presence, due out in late summer.

When communicating with Chana over the past year, we realized her health was deteriorating rapidly as she battled sarcoma. We could only hope she would survive to see our book’s publication and, more especially, to finish the writing project to which she was still devoting her better hours. She was an incredibly generous and gracious correspondent, despite her suffering.

We will remember you, Chana, through your beautiful words and obvious love for your craft. Thank you. Our deepest sympathies to your loved ones as they celebrate your life and carry your memory with them into whatever’s next.

[Photo credit: Chana in her garden, photographer unknown.]