Hooray, and Whew!

ruby with books
Ruby opening the first box of books

A note from Phyllis Cole-Dai:

A huge shout-out to my friend and co-editor Ruby R. Wilson and her husband Jim for handling all our anthology business while I was on extended “family leave” in North Carolina. The day my parents began their move into a different assisted living facility, Poetry of Presence was officially released. Such timing! Book orders have been pouring in ever since. As you can see below, the Wilson living room has turned into a shipping department.

Thanks, too, to all of you customers who have ordered books directly from us instead of, say, Amazon. We’re doing our best to fill your orders in timely fashion, though we keep running out of inventory. A good problem to have! Please bear with us….

In case you’re still wondering where to buy your copy of Poetry of Presence, please do consider purchasing through our website. We receive more proceeds from each book that way than if you purchase elsewhere. We then reinvest the proceeds in permission fees so that our publisher can produce more books. Your direct purchase will help this book stay in print!

shipping department
The “shipping department” in the Wilson home

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