Poet Spotlight: Alison Luterman

This is part of a series highlighting some of the poets anthologized in Poetry of Presence. We thank the poets for providing the material. Today we shine the spotlight on Alison Luterman.

POP spotlight luterman

Short bio: My three books of poetry are The Largest Possible Life, See How We Almost Fly, and Desire Zoo. I have also written an e-book of personal essays, Feral City; half a dozen plays; and a new musical, The Chain. I perform with the Oakland-based improvisation troupe Wing It!, teach memoir and poetry at The Writing Salon in Berkeley, California, and have given writing workshops all over the U.S., including at Omega and Esalen Institutes.

Thoughts about mindfulness and poetry: I use poetry to track the meanderings of my restless mind. The unexpected connections and juxtapositions, the associations, are all mirrors. My best poems start right under my feet and go down and in at the same time. Something beyond them is lifting them up and out. That doesn’t always happen, but when it does, I am grateful.

Website and social media:

Website: http://www.alisonluterman.net
Facebook: @AlisonLutermanWriter
Twitter: @AlisonLuterman


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