Chicago Tribune Reviewer Says Our Anthology “Stirs the Soul”

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.11.39 PM
The illustration accompanying the online review.

Barbara Mahany has just penned a review of Poetry of Presence in her roundup of soulful books for The Chicago Tribune. Already online, the review will also appear in the paper’s Arts & Entertainment Section on Thursday.

“The power of poetry,” Mahany writes, “is its capacity to sneak up from behind and pry open the heart. Or the soul. It’s in that unanticipated moment when the truth of the poem rushes in and packs its indelible wallop. That’s when a poem, for some of us, becomes a prayer.” Read the rest of her column here.

We’re very grateful to Ms. Mahany for approaching us about including our anthology in her roundup. As if we would ever have turned her down!


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